Why Podcast?

The cat is out of the bag, and I’m sure you all know that Antionette and I have started a podcast. Besides this big surprise I pretty sure most are asking why?

To us it’s simple in order to move the design industry forward, we have to see diversity and hear diversity. Diversity is hard work, and it takes an abundance of time, patience, love and care. Another thing we looked at is time. Currently, the time just fits. We are post Design Census, and we have numbers. Everyone is still a little shocked or maybe event upset about the discrepancies in representation or pay or some other comparison. But this is all good news before we didn’t know. It was a guess based on some hijacked information you received by either hearing what your co-worker made or seeing it in office documents. The Design Census surveyed thousands, and now hundreds are saying the same thing. This is the power of data. There are hundreds of men in senior roles making more than women in the same positions. This is where our podcast comes in we can talk about why with individuals who are in these positions. We can talk about the challenges and how design can play a significant role in solving pay disparities. Dialog is what we want to produce to talk about the tough problems.

Diversity is hard work, and it takes an abundance of time, patience, love and care. Click To Tweet

Hopefully, we can change minds and create solutions for these issues. We hope to reveal issues that you may not have notice such as Unconscious Biases and how they are designed in our communities or the 8-years of an unpleasant joke told by Stefan Sagmeister. There’s so much to talk about, and there are so many people how are afraid to touch these subjects. But we feel it’s in the best interest of the design community, and as individuals of color, it helps bring a new view to all issues with in design. As we venture into this new area, we hope we keep you entertained and aware.

We thank you for taking this journey with us and may we all learn from this endeavor.

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