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John Maeda believes that design and diversity go hand in hand. You can’t (or shouldn’t) have one without the other. The Design + Diversity Podcast tackles the relevant (and forgotten) issues of diversity and inclusion in the design industry. We believe that not only should we be talking about what role diversity plays in design, but also what design can do for diversity. From designing limb prosthetics to integrating diversity into a company’s design thinking methodologies, we will cover a range of diversity and inclusion topics and dialogue with emerging and legend designers working for diversity in the design industry and ultimately, society as a whole.


Tim Hykes

Lead UX Designer at Launchcode

Tim Hykes is the Lead User Experience Designer at the headquarter of LaunchCode in St. Louis, Missouri. He’s Vice President of AIGA St. Louis and a member of the AIGA National Diversity and Inclusion Task Force. Tim co-founder of the Design + Diversity Conference and co-host of the Design + Diversity podcast.

Antionette Carroll

Founder & CEO of Creative Reaction Lab

Antionette D. Carroll is the Founder and CEO of Creative Reaction Lab, a social enterprise that empowers and challenges community members to design inclusive cities by developing solutions addressing personal and structural racism.


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